Funeral Flowers

Please give us a call to discuss any funeral flowers with as much notice as possible, have any information available like the delivery address of the flowers and give thought to wording on a card.

This is a distressing time for friends and family of the deceased and we are always keen to help in any way to make the flowers a part of the celebration of their life.

What type of Tribute is appropriate?

Choosing the right flowers for a funeral is often dictated by ones relationship to the recently deceased and the family. Casket Sprays or Funeral Crosses are usually selected by family members or by those undertaking the funeral arrangements. In some cases a theme for the funeral flowers may be requested, such as a colour scheme or perhaps a specific variety of flower, it may be advisable to check with the family so that you can select a Tribute item accordingly.

We can supply:- * Sympathy Flowers – given to the family * Funeral wreaths * Sprays * Sheaves * Cushions * Hearts * Baskets of flowers * Posies * Or can cover the whole top of the coffin with flowers.

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